Ecological textile packaging will give extra value to your customers while also reducing business waste across your supply chain, being a multi-use, durable material. For instance, you can design reusable bags to replace plastic bags or textile wraps that can be reused as furniture surface protectors.
There are a variety of organic fabrics on the market including hemp, organic or recycled cotton, tapioca, and palm leaves (plus more). All of these materials are biodegradable, meaning they take relatively less time to decompose naturally. For instance, pure linen takes two weeks to decompose. In comparison, it takes 10,000 years for plastic bags to degrade. Once more, plastics degrade into microplastics, which seep into food chains, negatively impacting wildlife and human health.

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Eco-friendly Softer Bamboo Towels

    Item Name Gentle soft absorb bamboo baby washable bamboo towel Material Organic bamboo Size 40*80cm/Piece Logo&Color Acceptable printed according